China Successfully Launches Nine Amateur Radio Satellites


After being postponed several times, nine Chinese satellites carrying Amateur Radio payloads were launched on September 19 at 2300 UTC, separating from the Long March launch vehicle about 15 minutes later. China Amateur Satellite Group CAMSAT CEO Alan Kung, BA1DU, has said that four of the microsatellites and two of the CubeSats included in the launch have been designated as XW-2A through XW-2F. The other three satellites — a CubeSat, a nanosatellite, and a picosatellite — carry the designations CAS-3G, CAS-3H (LilacSat-2), and CAS-3I (NUDT-Phone-Sat), respectively. All of the new satellites have downlinks on 2 meters and uplinks on 70 centimeters. Satellite enthusiasts have been enjoying the sudden surfeit of spacecraft to work.

Source : ARRL