VHF Hill-topping Contest 2016

Hill Topping

Amateur Radio Society of India (ARSI)  announces the 2016 edition of the popular VHF Hill-topping Contest. The contest is scheduled to be held on 6 & 7 February 2016. The contest will take place on the 6m and 2m bands on FM only and is open to all VU hams.

​How to register

  • The Contest Calendar for 2016 can be viewed here: http://www.arsi.info/contests
  • The VHF Hill Topping Contest link will take you to the contest summary page where there are links at the bottom
  • The stations desirous of operating from Hill-top locations need to register via a web-form accessible through that page. Only the Team-leader needs to register and share copies of his licence.
  • Upon registering and remitting the fee via NEFT, please fill up the authorisation letter (attached) and scan it along with your licence copy tocontests@arsi.info
  • You will get an acknowledgement confirming your registration only when your payment details have been verified and scanned copies received.
  • The permission will be requested for one callsign only for a particular hill-top location.


  • Once the permission from WPC has been obtained, these will be emailed/faxed to the Team Leader or Individual registered.
  • The Contest Manager will communicate your spot frequency to you individually via email.
  • The list of spot frequencies shall be published on the VHF Hill-top Contest page without any other details.  (refer the rules and FAQ for a better understanding of this)

During the Contest

  • Operate within the rules and have fun.


  • Send your Cabrillo log file via email to logs@arsi.info by 15th February. No paper logs or any other format shall be accepted.
  • The results will be published in the month of April.

The Rules, Authorisation Letter format, and FAQ documents are also available under www.arsi.info/resources

For any queries, write to contests@arsi.info