A Fascinating hobby

Ham Radio is a fascinating hobby. Since licensing was first issued, many millions of radio licenses have been issued. With the rapid development in radio and electronics in recent years, equipment has become cheaper, smaller and technically better. The hobby of amateur radio is still going strong with many new recruits joining the ranks every year.

Becoming a radio ham is one of the most exciting, high-tec, educational and useful hobbies you could find. It includes many different groups of people around the world ie. pilots, sailors, doctors, scientists, students, astronauts, even celebrities. You just never know who you could be speaking to next. 

Ham Radio is a licensed radio service. Operators take an exam to get their operating license and most importantly their call signs. The most wonderful thing about it is that no matter your age, color, creed, gender, or physical ability, all are welcomed into the fold with open arms.

Once you have your license you can use your radio station to make to make contact with the world without worrying about additional charges.  You can  make contact via satellites, use your computer for wireless connectivity, bounce signals off the moon for contacts, use small handheld radios for local communications, even contact the space shuttle astronauts and provide communications for public services.

Radio amateurs have a lot of  fun, but there is a serious side to this hobby too. Amateur Radio Associations was founded to provide ordinary people with the means to intensify their operating skills, especially in times of real emergency. In disasters such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, accidents and search and rescue ham radio is often the only means of communication when telephone lines are down, cellphone masts lack power, and local radio and TV stations are off the air. It is the stalwarts of ham radio that everyone has come to rely on and they NEVER disappoint.

Acquiring your license is not difficult and there are plenty study materials available online. Amateur radio clubs/societies are providing guidelines to acquire the license. Contact your nearby amateur radio operator will help you in this regard. It need not be expensive to set up your ham radio or does it have to take up a lot of room. If you are interested and would like advice on anything, please feel free to contact TARA (Thane Amateur Radio Association).

email : tara.thane@gmail.com