How to get the License

Government regulations insists a license to operate any radio transmitters.  It is illegal and punishable to possess a radio transmitter without proper license. In India there are TWO types of Amateur Radio License.

  1. General Grade amateur wireless telegraph station license.
  2. Restricted Grade amateur wireless telegraph station license.

To obtain the licenses, you have to qualify the respective amateur station operator’s certificate (ASOC) examination conducted by the wireless planning and co-ordination (WPC) wing of the ministry of communications, at any one of the monitoring stations around the country. If you have passed your high school, then the exam is very easy. Some 12 year olds have passed the ASOC exam and obtained a license. The examinations consist of a written paper and a morse code test( for General Grade only). The written paper. Consists of two parts, the first on electronics and the second on rules and regulations of  amateur radio service. The morse test have two parts, the receiving and sending test, both at the same speed.

The cost consists of examination  fee and license fee as per the government regulation. Most of the Amateur radio clubs are conducting the guidance classes. Cost of attending classes for ASOC exam depends of the organization conducting classes. Fees are mainly for notes and materials for the classes.

The cost of the radio equipment depends of what you want to do. You can either build your own radio equipment or can buy commercially available. Ham radio equipment is not made in India so it has to be imported. Since our late Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi (VU2RG) introduced duty concessions in amateur radio equipments import.  Second hand equipment can be bought from hams.

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