New to Amateur Radio

Accept the Challenge…  ,   Enjoy the Rewards…

Here’s your invitation to a high-tech interest that’s got fun for everyone. Amateur Radio operators are people from all walks of life – no matter what age, gender or physical ability. Getting started in Amateur Radio has never been easier!

Would you like a certificate to hang on your wall to announce your achievement, that you have radio qualifications? With your own unique Amateur Radio CALLSIGN displayed too!

With these qualifications and your own transmitting station, you can talk to people around town, around the country, or around the world. You can also talk to astronauts on the Space Shuttle or on board the International Space Station.

You can become involved with communications for Emergencies and for Search and Rescue. 

Amateur Radio is a great stepping-stone to a career in electronics, in communications and other technologies. There are many satellite systems and digital communications systems that you can experiment with too.

There are many different and exciting aspects to Amateur Radio communication that can involve people of all ages. In India as young as 12 become radio amateurs and senior citizens study and succeed too! Millions of Radio Amateur are around the world !.

Radio amateurs operate in frequency bands allocated to amateur radio in the radio frequency spectrum.

Radio amateurs may use communication modes of their own choosing.

Radio amateurs can construct and operate their own equipment.

Amateur radio equipment can be simple and inexpensive and yet be totally adequate and satisfactory. It can be second-hand, commercially-built, or home-constructed. Or it can be as complex and cost as much as you wish.

Running expenses are negligible. Your certificate is for your life-time! Your regular annual voluntary subscriptions to the national association and to your local club, organisations that exist to present your interests to officialdom, are encouraged.