aresAmateur Radio Emergency Service

Amateur Radio is an immensely important and valuable emergency management resource. There are Amateur Radio operators, popularly known as Ham Radio operators or simply Hams, in every county. There are countless examples of Hams providing essential communications during disasters, when all other lines of communications have failed.

Thane Amateur Radio Association (TARA) members are participants in the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) to provide communications support during both real and simulated emergencies in Maharashtra and throughout the Country.

An ARES net will be  activated whenever threatening weather or other situations warrant as determined by the National Weather Service Departments. ARES nets are directed nets and all communications is controlled by the net control station (NCS) using a standard set of net operation procedures.

The ARES supports extended during

  • Public Service Events:
    • Walk-a-thons, bike-a-thons, parades, festivals and community events.
    • Responsibilities may include supporting the communications needs of the community agency  such as crowd control efforts, first aid stations, parking, etc.
  • Localized Disaster:
    • Flooding, tornados, or any substantial weather event, where it might not disrupt major areas of communications, but there is still a need for communications to be set up
    • Search, rescue, and traffic needs during the local disaster.
  • Major Disaster:
    • Wide-spread weather events, such as hurricane, tornados, snow storms, earthquakes.