The 25th HAMFEST India 2016  is scheduled to take place at Abu Road (Rajasthan) on  5,6 November 2016 and will be hoisted by VU2BK. So far around 500 delegates are registered and expected  couple of DX Hams to grace the occasion.

for more info and registration : HFI2016



Thane Varsha Marathon


27th Thane Mayor Varsha Marathon held at Thane today with more than 20,000 athletes had participated in  nine different categories.

Despite heavy rains, 23-year-old Karan Singh from the Army Sports Institute, Pune, crossed the distance of 21km in 1:08:27 to emerge victorious in the men’s open category of the 23rd Thane Mayor Varsha Marathon held on Sunday. Right behind Karan was his training and institute partner, Ashish Singh, who clocked 1:08:30.

In the women’s category (15km), Monica Athare claimed the first position by clocking 53:54 while Kiran Tiwari and Supriya Patil finished second and third with a timing of 54:44 minutes and 56:47 minutes, respectively

his year, also participating were students from tribal areas of the district, such as Wada, Jawhar, Palghar, Talasari, Dahanu and Vikramgad. Three girls from Talasari finished first, second and third, respectively in the girls’ under-15 category.

The highlight of the marathon was watching 68-year-old Eknath Raghunath Patil from Kongaon, Bhiwandi win the marathon in the senior citizens’ (men) category, covering the distance of 500m in 1:21.

Thane Amateur Radio Association (TARA) played a vital role providing communication  support to co-ordinate  the entire event

Marathon Photos

International Air Ambulance Week

air ambulance logo

This year’s International Air Ambulance Week will take place between 17th – 25th September 2016, with the focus on supporting and generating donations for flying medical services around the world.

The event covers two weekends, giving amateurs a great chance to get involved and support the event.

Whilst Amateur Radio Operators / Stations are encouraged to promote the donation causes, it is requested that any donations generated go to the stations chosen local or national cause.

Registration will be mandatory and all stations taking part will be issued a registration number which will be listed on this website. The registered number needs to be quoted by each station regularly. Included in the list alongside each registered station will be a clickable link enabling those wishing to donate, to donate directly to the charity of the service they wish to support.

The event is primarily intended to help support public donation funded flying medical services, whether part or entirely donation funded, though not restricted entirely to those. The location of the special event station can be anywhere you choose to set it up – club, home or if you can manage the permissions to do it, a public place.

No costs will be involved in registering or taking part and a free series of Awards will be available for those who support the event as detailed below..

An award for having registered and taken part in the event.
A Bronze award for having logged a minimum of 5 IAW station.
A Silver award for having logged a minimum of 10 IAW station.
A Gold award for having logged a minimum of 15 IAW station.
Awards for SWL will follow the the above requirements
More than one award may claimed.

Claims for the awards will need to be made to the IAW’s Award Manager by de3ear@darc.de) including an excerpt from the log as proof of a valid claim.

The event’s date has been set to coincide with the UK’s own funding drive week for its own helicopter ambulance services. Almost all of these, around 30 in number, are entirely public donation funded.

The event is intended to commence on the fourth weekend of September annually and is to be run by the same team which operates the well established International Museum Weekends.

Event Website – IAW

AT2L – Uttan Point LH


Uttan Point LH near Mumbai will be on air for the International  Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend (ILLW) August 20-21, 2016. Lighthouse will be activated by 10:00 UTC on 19 August, 2016.

Operating Mode : SSB / Digital ( PSK63 – RTTY )

Operating Bands :  Preferably on 40-20-17-15 meter

About the lighthouse:

World List of Lights (WLOL)    : IND 119 Admiralty: F-0499

First commissioned    : December 15, 1960

Optic                                : 187.5mm 5th order optic inside 2.1 m dia. lantern house

Illuminant                      : 230 V 400 W, MH lamp

Light                                 : Three flashes every 15 secs; equipment from M/s Chance Bros,                                                 Birmingham, UK

Tower                                : 15m high square masonry tower (Red & White bands)

Height                               : 53m above MSL

Range                                : 24 nautical miles


Geographical coordinates: 19.16’42″ N 72.47’50″E

Grid: MK69jg

for more info :  AT2L

GEK – Antenna analyzer


The need of a useful tool for measuring antenna impedance and its resonance frequency is a must for an amateur radio, who wants get an optimum performance of their antenna.An antenna Analyzer provides functions for checking and adjusting antennas and coaxial feeding lines.

For more information visit : GEK’s Blog here

World Amateur Radio Day


Every April 18, radio amateurs worldwide take to the airwaves in celebration of World Amateur Radio Day. It was on that day in 1925 that the International Amateur Radio Union was formed in Paris.

Amateur Radio experimenters were the first to discover that the short wave spectrum — far from being a wasteland — could support worldwide propagation. In the rush to use these shorter wavelengths, Amateur Radio was “in grave danger of being pushed aside,” the IARU’s history has noted. Amateur Radio pioneers met in Paris in 1925 and created the IARU to support Amateur Radio worldwide.

World Amateur Radio Day is the day when IARU Member-Societies can show our capabilities to the public and enjoy global friendship with other Amateurs worldwide

Ham radio communication in shadow zone polling booths


HAM Radio operators will be working in mobile shadow zones as earmarked by the election commission where mobile phone network does not properly reach to provide radio communication assistance for smooth communication facilities on poll day at Kolkatta.

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Radio in Times of Emergency and Disaster


This year, the UNESCO theme for World Radio Day is “Radio in Times of Emergency and Disaster”.  Radio still remains the medium that reaches the widest audience worldwide, in the quickest possible time.

Through World Radio Day celebrations around the world, UNESCO will promote radio in times of emergency and disaster, and put forward the following messages:

  1. Freedom of expression and journalists’ safety should be disaster-proof.
  2. Radio empowers survivors and vulnerable people, whose right to privacy is to be respected.
  3. Radio has social impact and provides access to information. People’s right to information should be protected even in times of emergency and disaster.
  4. Radio saves lives.
  5. The immediate accessibility of radio frequencies is essential to saving lives. These frequencies should be protected so they are available in times of emergency.

On 13 February, international broadcasters will broadcast live on UNESCO’s dedicated website, http://www.worldradioday.org.

Through National Commissions for UNESCO Field Offices and partner organisations, World Radio Day will be celebrated worldwide. UNESCO will also provide copyright free articles, audio and video messages from opinion leaders, celebrities, and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassadors related to radio for use by broadcasters on World Radio Day.

UNESCO invites all countries to celebrate World Radio Day by planning activities in partnership with regional, national and international broadcasters, non-governmental organizations, national authorities, the media and the public.

Courtesy :www.worldradioday.org

Navimumbai Cyclothon


A bunch of cycling enthusiasts, hardcore optimists and happiness volunteers from Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra who have contributed to a few good causes in the recent past, like the eco-friendly Ganesh clay-modeling workshop at Inorbit, Vashi [Source Link:facebook.com/gograsshoppersgo] and distribution of gift hampers to more than a 1000 under-privileged children [Source Link: facebook.com/ichampiononegoodcause], and now set to push the envelope by moving ahead to rekindle in every Navimumbaikar, the desire to embrace at least one good cause in life. The team moved on with an objective to amplify this canvas of good works and instill the spirit of contributing to at least one good cause in every person that we could connect.

Thus, evolved ‘Navi Mumbai Cyclothon’, one of the finely conceived and conceptualized mass- mobilization cycle sport event with an intention of promoting sports, good health naturally, eco- friendliness and at the same time, instilling in every Navimumbaikar, the need to embrace a good cause and contribute towards it, however and in whichever way they could. Cyclothon is an innovative and fun way of creating environmental awareness. It makes people appreciate the importance of reducing pollution levels in making our cities cleaner and greener places to live in. Road traffic, being a major source of pollution, cycling surely helps in reduction of health threatening pollutants in the air!

Navimumbai cyclothon,  an innovative and fun way of creating environmental awareness,  is scheduled to be held on 07/02/2016, to promote various  causes.

The organisors of the Navimumbai cyclothon, selected DARES (Disaster Amateur Radio Emergency Services)  as its disaster management partner. DARES will setup HAM Radio stations at various places for the communication support. A bunch of like minded HAMs from Navi Mumbai and its surroundings and TARA is also joining hands with DARES to support the event.

for more info and registration, visit  :

  1. Navimumbaicyclothon
  2. Bookmyshow 
  3. youtoocanrun


USA Amateur Radio Exam sessions in VU

USA Amateur Radio License Exams sessions will be conducted on 17th Jan-2016 in Mumbai and  on 23rd Jan-2016 in Hyderabad larc.in All the Three classes of licenses i.e Technician, General and Extra are going to be served. Please spread this info in local nets and other media as well and avail this opportunity.
Results and CSCEs: same day evening of the session. New Systematic call signs expected: By 1st of Feb-2016.

Any Volunteer Examiners wish to join please welcome.

Contact :Mumbai : Basappa,KC2ZNJ (VU2NXM) Cell:9970175418  

Gaurav,KM4BMW (VU2WE)   Cell:9820354158

            Hyderabad : Paddy,AC2DT (VU2PEP) Cell:9866302073  larc.in

      for more info :USA Amateur Radio Licensing in INDIA